Lithuanian Accordionists Association and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre prepare the traditional International Accordion festival, a seminar - practicum with workshops, masteclasses, concerts and many different activities in Palanga from 1-7 August 2010.

Festival Concert participants are all rising stars, the most promising accordionists of a young generation: Nikola Tanaskovic from Serbia, Miroslav Leliuch from Russia, Nerijus Bakula with popular vocalist Evelina Sašenko, Arnas Mikalkėnas with saxophone player Tomas Razmus, Lithuanian ensembles „Chill ‘out“ and „Subtilu-Z“, LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) students and much more talents and different ensembles & orchestras.

This year's festival will take place not only in the traditional area in S. Vainiūnas School of Music Hall, but also in Palanga Centre of Culture „Ramybė“, Palanga Gymnasium concert hall. Jazz improvisations, original modern music, classical examples of transcriptions, light-pop music – it is a seven-day-long accordion festival’s face.

The world acclaimed accordion teachers are invited to this year's event and to give master classes and read methodological reports in the most urgent methodological issues.

During the seminar the professors from Poland, Russia, Belorus and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre pedagogues will give master classes.

Read more about the pedagogues here ...

During the seminar everyone can join the accordion orchestra and ensembles: accordion teachers, enthusiasts and advanced amateurs. There will be open master classes, arrangement, orchestration, conducting consultations and many more.


During evenings there will be many Accordion music concerts.

More about the concerts and performers, see here ...



Information for Seminar-Practicum issues:


More information:

In Palanga:
mob. ph.: 8 672 33733.

In Vilnius:
tel. / fax: 267-47-18


Information for concert issues:
Raimondas Sviackevičius
mob. ph.:  8 685 37056



Concerts will be held in Palanga S. Vainiunas School of Music
(Maironio St. 8, Palanga)

Culture Center „Ramybė“
(Vytautas St.  35, Palanga)

Palanga Old Gymnasium
(Jurate St. 13, Palanga)


Tickets to concerts are sold
1 hr. before a concert in S. Vainiunas School of Music
(Maironio St. 8)

The Cultural Center concerts „Ramybė“
Tickets booked by phone 8-648-46042


Ticket Prices - 10 - 25 Lt




For more information:





01 - 07.08.2010





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